Mark Hamilton mentoring members about actualizing the Twelve Visions World.

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  1. Thank you Mark Hamilton, a Vision is actualized & more will be, as soon as we get a TVP President; also, the visons will become even more real & we will all become creative geniuses

  2. Visions Become Actualized. Yes Sir, Mr. Hamilton I see the visions you
    promised in the level meetings. Puzzle pictures putting together the Super
    Puzzle, Seeing the what is instead of the what if… I’ve seen some of your
    visions in my mind since I started my integrated mentality. It is amazing
    how powerful the mind is when creating.
    Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton for your Genius Mind.

  3. Understand we have been lied to for 3000 years, and then comes a Zonman who works hard for 25 years to detangle everything, shared this information with a chosen few, showed them how to use downsream focus with intagrated honest objectivism, then handed the ranes over to share it with the rest of the world.

  4. Actualizing the Twelve Visions World…That is a phrase, an idea, and and a vision which literally gives me shivers! The reality of us taking this poor, battered, unappreciated world full of disillusioned people and discarded life, and moving it into a new realm of true caring, honesty, transparency, love, psychic opening and sensitivity makes tears come into my eyes. It’s like reading The Hobbit, or the Narnia series, and suddenly, you’re walking down the path with them…which suits me fine, since I am courageous, powerful, daring and strong. Nobody likes living the Chinese Curse of; ‘May You Live in Interesting Times,’ but bottom line is, if you’re already living in them, then deal with it. That, to me, means jump in with both feet to help in whatever ways your talents and skills best suit you for…I’m still discovering all of mine, and amazingly excited by the Journey!

  5. Through honesty and effort integrations the neothink society is actualizing the twelve visions world, its like a dream comes true. Through the PRIME LAW, this beautiful world will come to reality.

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